The Naptime Kitchen Guide to Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping

116 ratings

The Naptime Kitchen Guide to Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping

116 ratings

So many of you have expressed your frustrations when it comes to meal planning and grocery shopping. And trust me, I get it. It is one of those areas that feels like it never ends. You buy the groceries. You cook the groceries. Your family eats (or doesn’t eat, #toddlers) the groceries. You run out of the groceries. And the process starts all. over. again.

But there is hope for us all! This guide will help to lift the burden of the never-ending meal planning, prepping, and eating. It will help you feel a strong sense of accomplishment when it comes to how you strategically shop for your groceries. But more than anything, I hope it helps you live in an even freer version of YOU! This isn’t about adopting my meal plan. This is about teaching you the skills of meal planning and grocery shopping for you and your family and your season of life. Your budget and your needs and your style. There really isn’t anything more enjoyable than leaning into the unique ways God made you.

Included in this guide:
  • Tools to help you discover your family's preferred cuisine
  • A chart to help you build a staples list that fits your family
  • The seven questions I ask when I go to meal plan
  • A list of our favorite kids' staples (with pictures)
  • How to make a recipe binder
  • How to find your family's weekly meal flow
  • Naptime Kitchen's Mealplan Mantras 
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